words that changed my life.

its a bold statement - "these words changed my life" but I'm not lying. 

now i cant tell you them just yet, the dramatic build up is necessary. 

I've talked about my negativity on the blog before, its consuming, and when a bump in the road occurs it can be devastating. In my mind its easier to practice self preservation by expecting the worst to happen than see the silver lining. Now i'm not saying to not be prepared. Potential layoffs at work, please, start saving your money and looking for work, I'm saying lets not take everything to the extreme, and lets not view everything as 'the worst'. 

I've been in therapy for over a month now. I'm not one to shy from saying that, mental health is important and if you say otherwise just stop reading right here. I'm a huge advocate for expressing yourself after 31 years of bottling it in. Sure, I can passive aggressively tweet like the rest of us and bitch about someone not doing the dishes but its the big stuff, the stuff that can tear you down, you GOTTA GET OUT. 


the other day I told my therapist every single negative thought that was consuming me and she slapped me so hard in the face with words I was not expecting I had to pull over my car on the way home just to cry. and now i'm ready to share those words with you. (dramatic, but true) 


HOLY CRAP. Thats exactly what I have been doing. I'm preparing for the worst so much that I am manifesting it in my head and forgetting to live my life! I'm taking one downfall, one speed bump and wallowing in my room expecting X Y and Z to happen, because that would be the worst, and waiting for it to come true. When in turn I could be using this time to better myself, learn different ways to deal with stress, LIVE the LIFE that I have been writing about on this damn blog for the past 5 months that I have wanted to live ... 

enough said, I'm outta here. Take those words and run with them, life is too damn short. and stop dress rehearsing for tragedy. 

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