There is a need.

I did a google search of mental health blogs yesterday and found only outdated, Blogger, circa 1999, websites from psychologists and psychiatrists and anyone and everyone with an MD. No one was a normal, 33 year old woman, post breakup with all the feelings and an irrational love for french fries …

There is a need for this.

A dear friend of mine the other day shared her anxiety over Instagram stories and it reminded me about this piece of the internet I had tucked away due to financial strain and emotional chaos. I’ve always been an advocate for mental health, and in my time of need, I ran away from processing my emotions and settled on bottling them up.

When something traumatic happens in our life there are steps we take to process. Grief comes in stages and often never in the known order, for my anger seems to follow my denial, my depression AND my bargaining. Giving yourself grace to bounce your emotions all over the place like a tennis ball is step one, grief isn’t pretty, but you will come out the other side of it stronger than ever.


I’m writing all this today for those who google, ‘am I alone.’ You’re not. We are not alone. Heartache, in whatever form, is something everyone processes in their lifetime. Even the most glamorous of us have cried. You are not unique. Your story, although personal, has been told before, but YOU have the opportunity to rewrite the ending. I encourage all my friends to find someone they can talk to, but only when you’re ready, and if that time isn’t now then this corner of the internet is here for you. Skim the titles, read the messages, process the emotions and give yourself a bit of grace. Searching for help is the first step, so love yourself a little bit more today, and know you are not alone, I am right here with you.

welcome to managing an unedited life.


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