Week Three: All about ME.

I rhymed again? damn I’m good.

I promised myself this blog was going to be about my do, dont well list. Have NO CLUE what I am talking about, here is a quick refresher.

I’ve been creating a list of things I want to DO instead of dwelling on things I dont have, or can’t see, or can’t do. And each week I plan on tackling one of those items on my list. Some include travel, some mean being creative, some are DIY or just self care. And then I’m going to blog about it.

Today we are tackling the ‘self care’ part of that statement. And learning a good ol’ lesson in listening to your freaking GUT.

I have been SO TIRED. Among other symptoms, depression, migraines, dry skin, muscles aches and slowed heart rate, something was up.

My biggest red flag was the fact that I couldn’t sleep, even though I had never been more tired in my entire life. I was taking a break, from putting my makeup on in the morning, laying back in bed, and working up the energy to then curl my hair. Raising my arms above my head was too hard. Everyday.


So I went to the doctor, got some labs drawn and left with a whole bunch of, “well maybes.”

Well maybe its this, well maybe its that. No answers, no conclusions, I just knew I was low in Vitamin D. (hello, Seattle)

But even with the Vitamin D increase, no change. I felt even more weak. Until this past Monday I snapped. SOMETHING is wrong. So I went back to the doctor, asked for new labs and asked to check my thyroid.

Now I wouldn’t have thought of this if I didn’t have a friend going through the exact same thing and a fellow photographer I follow on IG just had her’s removed it was causing her so many issues and discomfort. It was in the forefront of my mind, I did research, I had every symptom. And guess what, theres no more ‘well maybes’, I have hypothyroidism.

I cried with my diagnosis, and not tears of sadness but of joy, after months of feeling this way I know I’m not crazy, I know my illness is real, I’m chronically fatigued I’m not lazy. I know I have a huge road ahead of me but I start my medication tomorrow morning and I could not be more excited for the journey.

Sure, “go see doctor, leave with life long medical condition” wasn’t on the do, dont dwell list. But it sure as hell is going to give me the drive to “do” a lot more than I ever imagined I could.

Elizabeth Kathryn

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