Week One: Welcome.

Welcome to …

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This is the blog of Seattle Portrait and Wedding Photographer Elizabeth Kathryn. Ugh, doing these intros have never been my jam, its like an awkward dating profile that no one reads. But lets hope you swipe right. (Right is the GOOD direction correct? Means you like me?)

2018 was a shit year. And I walked into 2019 thinking everything was going to be different, instantly. Well we are 5 days in and everything feels the same. And ya know what, thats because I haven’t DONE anything different. Change takes time. Transitions take time. And my life is a bit in transition.

So I decided to document that transition with my blog. I revamped the look, changed the title, took down last year’s content and created a blank slate. Last year I dwelled on the negative and couldn’t let go. At all. But 2019 is an opportunity to grow, and to seek adventure. I’m in the do, dont dwell phase of my life post 2018. And I’m loving it.

Do, Dont Dwell. 

But Elizabeth, what does that mean!??

Oh I’ll tell you.

I’ve been creating a list of things I want to DO instead of dwelling on things I dont have, or can’t see, or can’t do. And each week I plan on tackling one of those items on my list. Some include travel, some mean being creative, some are DIY or just self care. And then I’m going to blog about it.

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A sampling of my list, privy to the Pacific Northwest, as well as a few planned travels, like the wedding I booked in California (woot woot).

And as I sit in this cafe and write my first blog post (check!) I am reminded that there are 360 days left of adventure in 2019. And I have so many things I want to do and see. And honestly, reviving my blog is an attempt to hold myself accountable. Because people are gonna read this shit. I just know it.

So here we are Print (my ramblings) & Pixels (of course there would be photos). Welcome.

Time to go do, and not dwell. 

Elizabeth Kathryn

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