the heartbreak series

About: Life can take a turn for expected and unexpected reasons. This photo series focuses on the heartbreak from those experiences. The ones that crush you, that bring you to your knees. A photo series that exposes your broken heart and lets you heal, mourn, and grow. But most importantly, shows you that you are not alone. I hope the impact from this piece, the experience of shooting it, brings you comfort and most importantly, strength.

There is so much depth to this series. As I heal from my own broken heart, I tried to find a way to express what I’m feeling, but most importantly as the whole world moved on and I stood still, I wanted to know I wasn’t alone.

I’ll share my story if you share yours.

Photographer Elizabeth Kathryn. Self Portrait.

Photographer Elizabeth Kathryn. Self Portrait.

Commitment: 30 min to 1 hour

Location: my studio in Seattle, WA, your home, or on location (depending on story)

Dress code: Jeans and plain black or white t-shirt.

Emotions: High.

The goal: to close a chapter, to move on, to heal, to process, to know you are not alone.

Note: This is being shot for an art gallery display. You will need to give me permission to share your images, as personal as they are. If you want to share your story but not your face, we can pose in ways where your identity is private using shadows, hands, clothing or hair to block your face.

Interested on sitting for the series?

Fill out the form below. More details on the shoot will be shared with interested parties, so please ask questions. I promise to bring wine.

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Heartbreak comes in many forms... death, illness, relationships. No names are needed, just a simple sentence on what we will be capturing, what headspace you will be in, or how this may help.
You do not need to decide on anonymity before the shoot, but if you know you would like to hide your face, please let me know here.

Launched Feb 9th, 2019.