Elizabeth Kathryn

portrait and wedding photographer

Seattle, WA

I just wanted to message you to say that I cannot stop marveling at our wedding photos. I know I might have said this 1,000 times but I am so grateful to have photos that speak to us so deeply. Thank you”
— Nicole & JC


about: elizabeth kathryn

who: elizabeth kathryn 

age: 30 something 

day job:  photographer

languages: english and american sign language 

motivation(s): love. support. creativity. respect. dreams. art. expression. and more love. 

clients/features: gossip & glamour / union bay / go periscope / vibe body / diary of this girl megan / nikki blakes / alix rose / pumps and plaid / goodwill / timberland / not your mother's haircare / fresh tangerine / thataylaa / lembas / fresh jess

publications: wax poetics issue #54 / obscurae magazine june 2016 / seattle met magazine nov 2016, dec 2016, jan 2017 / Harness Magazine 2018 Issue 2, Cover photographer. 

available for travel / all love welcome

special needs photographer

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the services: sessions offered. 

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Hi there! Thanks so much for inquiring about my services! Click the button below to connect or email me at hello@elizabeth-kathryn.com with any questions you may have! (Emails answered within 48 hours)

Currently Elizabeth is not taking on any clients and is focusing on her artistic piece, The Heartbreak Series.

If interested, please see details here.  

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